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Alone, free, together


A life project made by researchers not to dream of another village but to create a village based on wanting to be together but independent and free.

A place to create a living space where freedom and responsibility are the foundations of a model of social relationship based on understanding, love, empathy and compassion: free and together.
A relational choice therefore different from the social egoism that underlies the models of competition, image, greed, which are dominant in the society in which we live. A society that looks at the different as a potential danger and not as a potential wealth.
Aware also that our being on the path of self-search with passion and rigor, does not exempt us from inevitable falls, but we trust that the collective mirror of others on our own path can be of mutual help.
We consider it legitimate to have a different view of life and sometimes even of how it can be conducted but we are united in wanting to face the problems that can arise from these differences with openness and compassion since there is no other time than this to live it and this is the space that we have chosen to follow it.
A space of life where we can simply be ourselves and therefore be able to live together in this field of research with the contradictions that we will have to face, with a confident and optimistic spirit, comforted by an environment ready to support, and share.
A community environment, both public and private, where each individual story is not just “personal” but can become part of a process of maturation and collective growth, of experience and group experimentation, solidarity, unity, compassion for ourselves and of others.
A sufficiently large and extensive space, with a number of inhabitants (between 80 and 120) such as to be able to create cohesive groups also different from each other, homogeneous housing aggregations with neighbors chosen reciprocally, allowing a free socialization, free of that having to conform to gestures and words, sometimes an unwritten rule of small communities but fully respecting the environment and nature that surrounds us.

The Alone and Together Village will be an inclusive village where everyone will be free to practice their life path.
Some of us have as Master Osho but this does not mean in any way that we think of imposing ourselves as the dominus of the collective.
Others have different Masters or no Masters. Living in respect of diversity beyond judgments is and will be our attitude, the attitude that is required of all those who choose to live this experience.
The meaning we give to this project is that well expressed in the thought of Giorgio Gaber, “I would be sure to change my life if I could begin to say ourselves”.
A rediscovered us that, far from prefiguring a system of thought in which to identify, instead identifies a ditto to feel fluid, of people in search of their own identity together with others.
A we in which we find ourselves in a non-ideological identity belonging, pervaded by a passion and rigor in research and in living our own truth full of doubts and questions, motors themselves of our own research.
An aspiration that Giorgio Gaber and Sandro Luporini expressed in their text “Membership”.

Men of my present
habit does not comfort me
to my forced solitude
I don’t claim the whole world
I would just like a place, a more sincere place
where maybe one day very soon
I can finally say this is my place
where he is born I don’t know how or when
the sense of a collective effort to rediscover the world …
– Gaber and Luporini – Membership

The members of the village will bring their knowledge and their work experiences into internal social life, which can also be useful for those who will be guests or residents of the surrounding area. A village as a space for artistic activities, concerts, creative dimensions, public meetings and to take care of older people, because they receive assistance and kindness. That of creating a loving and supportive space for those who find themselves living the last part of their life is in fact one of the raison d’etre of the space of life that we want to give birth to. A village that will take care and cultivate a positive relationship with the surrounding area, which is immediately perceived as an innovative experience not detached from the territorial context but as an enrichment of the cultural and work offer.
For this we requested the collaboration with the Giorgio Gaber Foundation which, in a first meeting in Milan with the President Paolo Dal Bon, showed particular interest in this project.
You will wonder if we have already identified a place. And the answer is yes, we have found a lovely place. We cannot make the details public due to confidentiality, but we can give you an idea by publishing some photos. We can say that it is 5 minutes from the nearest city and 15/20 minutes from the sea.
We can say that the 15 hectares of Mediterranean scrub is immersed and consists of about eighty apartments and houses of one or two floors and others can be built. as of this writing, there are 65 people who have joined this project, less than half necessary but already enough to understand how realistic and possible it is perhaps to reach that 101 inhabitants that would be the perfect number to experience the village with the call to zen like lifestyle and research. If any of you feel that this project may coincide with your own dream of life that perhaps for some time now holds in your existential drawer, well maybe it’s the case that you get in touch.
Because your dream can be part of this project, and only if we are together, then the project can be transformed into a life experience.

If you are interested in the project you can write to
You can also join the group open on Facebook: Soli e Insieme.Il villaggio ReNudo.


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